If you are looking for Rockville immigration lawyer, you likely know that deportation and immigration have been political issues in the US over the past four years. And, although there is a new president, the changes in immigration law coming slowly. There is room for hope, but we still must be extremely cautious when advising our clients that have immigration issues. Deportation proceedings, now officially known as removal proceedings, is the formal removal of an individual from the U.S. after it has been determined they have violated the country’s immigration laws. Deportations/removal proceedings are ordered by a Virginia or Maryland immigration court. Removal from the country is the only type of punishment is imposed during removal proceedings; for example you cannot be sentenced to prison time as a result of these proceedings.

Immigration Law Will Continue to Change Rapidly

The Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act (IIRAIRA) of 1996, which was put into action in April 1997, dramatically changed U.S. immigration law. Notably, it combined exclusion and deportation into what we now call removal procedures. IIRAIRA also enabled local law enforcement to collaborate with national officers in matters of immigration and made many other changes to immigration law.

Since the 1990s, immigration law has continued to evolve and deportation has become an even more fraught topic. President Trump did a tremendous amount of damage to our immigration system by switching priorities to coincide with his political tactics of demonizing immigrations as criminals and terrorists. As you can see from this chart, he also granted fewer temporary visas:

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(Chart from BBC based on statistics rom US Dept of Homeland Security.

There was also a significant rise in the number if detentions at the US Border during the Trump administration. During his presidency Trump had a “zero-tolerance” policy that intended to ramp up criminal prosecution of people caught at the border.

Altogether, nearly 3,000 children were separated from their parents before President Donald Trump signed an executive order on June 20 halting family separation. The order, however, stated that the “zero-tolerance” policy would continue. The family separation policy and treatment of families coming to the US has generated considerable public attention and outrage. The “zero-tolerance” policy underlying this crisis and the abuses accompanying mass criminal prosecutions of immigrants, however, has received less attention.

The Need for an Rockville Immigration Lawyer Increases with Coming Immigration Law Changes

With the Biden administration many who practice immigration law have an increase in hope. However, even President Obama set record numbers for deportation. We are not out of the woods yet.

The constant changes in U.S. immigration policy mean that more and more people need the help of a trustworthy and effective Rockville Immigration lawyer. Our attorneys are knowledgeable, compassionate, and aggressive for our clients.  We know that we can’t trust politicians and, at the end of it, it is just us and our clients fighting together to get what they want. Almost all immigration just want the ability to work hard, provide for their family, and have a safe life. Immigrants deserve that and we love helping them with that goal.

A local immigration attorney will be up-to-date on changing immigration laws as they make their way through U.S. courts. A Rockville Immigration Lawyer knows the law, knows what questions to ask, and can best help you strategize on how to stay in the United States.

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