If you are looking for a Silver Spring divorce lawyer we have a few things that you might find helpful. First, if you live in Silver Spring your divorce will likely be filed in the Circuit Court in Rockville. Read below for more information and an opportunity for a free consultation.

Most Lawyer Awards are Paid For by the Lawyer

When you go to a website, you will see lots of “awards” that the lawyers have been given. Some are legitimate but many are paid advertising. Here is a blog post by attorney Carl Graham where he talks about lawyer award scams.

Do not be lured in by boastful awards. There are other things you should focus on. Client reviews and your general impression of the lawyer during your consultation are much more valuable.

Is the Silver Spring Divorce Lawyer Using your Fear or Anger?

In our experience most divorce clients are either angry or scared. This is reasonable considering the trauma of divorce. Unless the parties act reasonably, a divorce can lead to financial ruin and childhood trauma that can last for a life time. Lawyers, either consciously or subconsciously, take advantage of that.

Your divorce lawyer should take every opportunity to make the divorce process as easy as possible. Your attorney is not just a lawyer, but a counselor. A good divorce lawyer is not afraid to fight, but also it not afraid to deescalate the situation and help the the client find common ground with their soon-to-be ex.

silver spring divorce lawyer

Experience is Important.

When looking for any type of lawyer experience is important. Look to see what clients say about the lawyer in the reviews. Also, see how the attorney discusses the case with you. An experienced attorney is not going to spend your consultation bragging about their successes. They don’t need their ego boosted.

When you are in your consultation take time to see if the experienced attorney seems like a personality fit for you. Will they listen to your ideas? Will they take serious your concerns?

We offer free Silver Spring divorce lawyer consultations.

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