We see many mistakes that our immigration clients make and we would like to share with you 3 reasons why you should hire an Immigration Lawyer in Maryland.

It Costs More to Have an Immigration Lawyer Fix Your Mistakes.

We are always happy to represent stressed-out Maryland Immigration clients that have tried it first on their own. However, you are always better off hiring an attorney on the front end. There are many people who think that attorneys are not valuable in immigration court. Starting on your own can end up costing much more than starting with an attorney.

All citizenship petitions and visas require substantial applications and documents. The process can often seem confusing even to an English speaker. In addition, petitions are often rejected because of one mistake, which results in starting the whole process again or launching a long appeal process. However, immigration lawyers in Maryland can help you fill out the necessary paperwork, eliminate potential errors, and increase your chances of success.

Many people find the visa process very confusing, especially because visa recipients have to abide by the terms of their visas if they don’t want to risk their immigration status. Even green card holders can risk their permanent resident status in the U.S. if they don’t follow the requirements of their green cards. It is essential to understand the various requirements and constraints of your immigration status. Our experienced immigration attorneys at Seddiq Law can explain all of the available options and offer their insights to help you make the right choices.

A Good Maryland Immigration Lawyer is Worth it. You are Not Qualified.

There are people who don’t want to pay what an experienced attorney is worth. That is a shame considering how much is at stake. Until you are a naturalized citizen you have FAR fewer protections than an American citizen has. We recommend hiring an attorney before you get started with your immigration process. Is it worth saving a few thousand dollars if it means you lose all that you’ve worked so hard for in this country? We do not think so.

United States immigration law is constantly changing. If you don’t remain informed and rely on outdated information, you may miss a deadline or lose time in doing something that is no longer valid. Handling immigration law concerns by yourself can be frustrating. However, immigration lawyers have to constantly update their knowledge, which makes them a perfect resource for obtaining legal advice or guidance.

Our immigration attorneys can provide valuable legal services and help individuals enter and remain in the U.S. legally. A skilled immigration lawyer can explain the policies, guidelines, and range of U.S. laws that specify which foreign nationals can enter the country and how long they can stay. Besides, foreign nationals who are facing criminal charges and deportation must have experienced lawyers who understand both areas of the law. If you are charged with a crime and face deportation or may your status as a legal resident, Seddiq Law can help.

The United States Government is Not There to Protect You.

There are helpful people that work at USCIS, but they do not have much discretion. They often work at the behest of whatever policies the current administration is pushing. An immigration lawyer is there to even the odds and truly look out for your interest in planning an immigration strategy. A good immigration lawyer will have the expertise to competently assert your rights and defend against any potential violation, whether it be in an interview before a Department of Homeland Security Officer, or in defense of removal proceedings in court.

Many foreign nationals want to live and work in the U.S., looking to improve their financial or academic options or just changing the environment because of the political situation in their home country. Although the majority of them want to get U.S. citizenship legally, they often don’t understand what they are supposed to do. However, consulting an immigration attorney can be helpful.

Some visas are easier to get than others, so understanding all the available pathways will help you on your way to gaining legal status. An MD immigration attorney can help people applying for a green card or any type of visa, including business and student visas. Seddiq Law can assist you with different immigration issues, from getting a visa to reuniting with a family member to navigating your immigration status. Let our immigration attorney work on your behalf and get that burden off of your shoulders.

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Mirriam Z. Seddiq and Justin Eisele, the immigration attorneys at the firm, spend 4 months at Dulles Airport defending against the Muslim Ban. They are founding members of the Dulles Justice Coalition. Mirriam was quoted in several national newspapers as part of this defense. Mirriam is an Immigration Lawyer who puts their money and effort where their mouth is.

“We want to make sure that they don’t sign anything,” said Mirriam Seddiq, an immigration attorney based in Maryland. “And if they try to put you on a plane to go back, sit your ass on the floor.”

The Atlantic, January 2017.

“The executive order says that it doesn’t want to let in people who support honor killings, but then [Trump] won’t let in the women who are at risk of these honor killings,” said Mirriam Seddiq, an Afghan American criminal defense lawyer who fielded questions from the press on behalf of hundreds of lawyers assembled. Seddiq stood in front of dozens of advocates camped out on laptops, surrounded by pizza boxes and tangerines meant to last them through the night. Many of the lawyers held signs that said, “Know someone who has been detained? I can help.”

Public Radio International, February 2017.

Virginia—Mirriam Seddiq sat in the cheerfully resilient bedlam just outside the final customs checkpoint at Dulles airport on Monday, waiting to assist a client she’d never met. An attorney offering to represent anyone targeted by Donald Trump’s immigration executive order, Seddiq hoped to help a German national who was born in Iraq but renounced her Iraqi citizenship and was traveling to the U.S. on a B2 visa. The woman was beginning the customs process, and her anxious friend relayed Seddiq’s advice via text message.

Slate, January 2017.

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