I represent clients charged in Maryland and New York state court.
I travel to all Maryland counties to represent clients.

Criminal Defense


Many people charged with DUI come to court for the first time in the criminal justice system. There is fear and anxiety about what may happen. DUI defense is probably one of the most scientifically involved areas of criminal defense. Representation in these cases involve review of the alcohol testing machine, checking the field-testing credentials of the officer, and checking for procedural errors by the police.

Violent Crimes

I represent clients charged with all kinds of violent crimes in Maryland. This includes, Murder, First-Degree Murder, Second-Degree Murder, Robbery, all degrees of Assault, Arson, Shaken Baby Cases, and Arson. These types of cases are vigorously pursued because of legal mandates and the fear that prosecutors have of being “weak on crime”.

Domestic Offenses

Domestic violence is a serious crime. However, many prosecutors, due to pressure from interest groups and the perception of the public, pursue domestic assaults more aggressively than other types of assault. Domestic assaults can involve mutually combative relationships and other bias. Persons getting separated or divorced can find themselves being falsely accused of assault. I have represented clients in Maryland and New York on domestic assault cases. I look through the entire history of both parties to help mount any claim of self-defense or false statements made by a victim.

Drug Offenses

I represent clients charged with possession and distribution of all types of drugs. This included cocaine, crack, meth, marijuana, heroin, oxys, roxys, and more. Many drug possession cases involve a stop on the road by a police officer or a search warrant for a residence. I will help you review these searches to make sure they were done in a constitutional manner.

Sexual Crimes

I represent clients at trial and on appeal in all types of sexual crimes. Many clients don’t realize, but there are added rules of evidence to make accusations of sex crimes easier to get into court. For example, certain types of hearsay that usually cannot be entered into evidence can be entered into evidence in sex cases. I represent clients accused of statutory rape, sexual assault, prostitution, solicitation, indecent exposure, sexting, and sex-offender registration violations.

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