Do you or a loved one have an active warrant? If so, you need to understand how important it is to Recall Maryland Warrant.

3 Reasons to Call us to Recall Maryland Warrant:

  1. Suspended License. Having an Maryland Warrant could mean that your license is suspended depending on the type of warrant. This could lead to additional charges such as driving on a suspended license in Maryland. Failure to Appear in Maryland for a citation is punishable by $500 or up to 90 days in jail.
  2. Added stress. Knowing that you have an active warrant in Maryland is very stressful. It is better to deal with the situation rather than continuing to put it off. In our experience it becomes more and more challenging to obtain a consent Recall Maryland Warrant the older the charges get. Without consent of the prosecuting attorney, obtaining a warrant recall becomes more challenging.
  3. It’s free! Why would you not contact us? Call us right now at 301.513.7832. Our phones are on 24/7. You can also choose to use our chat box below which is also staffed 24/7.

Typically our clients who need to Recall Maryland Warrants have missed a court date by accident. People live busy and stressful lives. Very rarely do our clients miss court dates on purpose. Sometimes they are in a jail in another location and it is not even there fault!

Bench warrants, unfortunately, never go away. If you do not address the warrant you could get arrested 3, 4, 5, or even 10 years later. It can also be incredibly embarrassing to be arrested when you are with friends or family. Even more than embarrassment, you can be put at risk any time you have to interact with police on the side of the road. Don’t risk your life for something when it is not necessary.

You may also hear people refer to it as filing a Motion to Recall Bench Warrant in Maryland or Motion to Quash Warrant in Maryland. These all mean the same things and it is really just a matter of vocabulary choice. The bottom line is that you are asking the court to recall a warrant.

Having an Attorney Matters!

Having an attorney. It has been our experience that clients have a better chance at getting warrants recalled when they are represented by attorneys and not trying to do it themselves. (“pro se”) Certainly you have the right to file to recall your own warrant but for whatever reason many judges seem to feel more comfortable with recalling warrants for people who have attorneys. They know if they invest in hiring an attorney that the client will likely not want to waste that investment and miss court in the future.

When consulting with an attorney in Maryland to recall your warrant you also need to recognize that once you do that, for most cases, your attorney will be your attorney for the underling charge. So if you missed court for a DUI and your Maryland attorney gets the warrant recalled because you missed court that attorney is also going to be your DUI attorney. You should think about this as you selected your attorney.

Don’t Screw Up Professional Opportunities.

Finally, professional reasons. If you are applying for any kind of license or other activity that involves a background check you do not want an active Maryland warrant. In our experience this is not looked at favorably during such reviews. Most times people are asked to “take care of it” before the decision goes forward. It is our advice to client to clear up any such warrants before making such an application. This can result is a much smother process than if you have to explain it after whatever application is already submitted.

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