Yesterday, CAIR and Seddiq Law filed a reply in support our request for preliminary injunction in the case of Bridges v. Prince George’s County, et al. Our client, as part of a job application process for chaplain at the local jail, was asked to sign a “Statement of Applicant’s Christian Faith.” Mr. Bridges, a Muslim, would have to abandon all of his sincerely held religious beliefs in order to sign such a document. He will not do so. This type of religious test is blatantly unconstitutional. For details on the lawsuit, see our previous post here.

Prince George's County Lawsuit

Here are copies of the other pleadings in the case.


Motion for Injunctive Relief

Response by Prince George’s County to Motion for Injunctive Relief

Reply in Support of Preliminary Injunction


September 17, 2021

Today, Prince George’s County filed an answer to the complaint and a cross-claim against Prison Ministry of America.

Counsel for Prison Ministry of America¬† recently entered their appearance. Their answer to our client’s complaint is due by October 5, 2021.

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