Must Appear and Payable. These are the two types of traffic tickets you can get in the state of Maryland. Let’s start with the more serious “must appear tickets.” What kind of ticket is a must appear? It is fairly intuitive. Must appear are the more serious offenses and, because jail is possible, you must appear in court to deal with them. Must appear tickets in Maryland can be tickets such as driving on a suspended license or DUI. Anyone who faces a must appear ticket should strongly consider retaining competent counsel. Criminal records, even if no jail time is imposed, can drastically impact future earnings potential. For example one study showed that, even for someone with a non-violent drug offense, employers were only half as likely to call those potential employees back.

Payable offenses are tickets that you can resolve by paying the state for the ticket without appearing in court. In Maryland, you have the ability to pay the fine, plead guilty with explanation and appear for a waiver hearing, or requesting a trial date. DO NOT IGNORE THIS DECISION. We have many clients who don’t take payable citations seriously and they end up getting a warrant issued or they end up having their drivers license being suspended for not paying their payable ticket.

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