Once of the great uses of technology has been to allow the public to have at least some information available to them via the internet. Free to anyone is Maryland case search. There you can see some basic, but important, information about your case. You can review court dates, charges, and can see some limited activity about what has been filed into your case.

Of course Maryland case search is no substitute for hiring good legal counsel but it is always a great idea to keep yourself informed. We have had many clients call us who search their name and realize there is an active warrant in Maryland. Technology allows us quickly to retrieve that information and help them in getting their warrant recalled.

Here is a link to Maryland case search. Even lawyers use it every day! As an attorney it can allow us to look up information before we sit down for an initial consultation. Unfortunately, many times, we realize that charges are not the same as people think they are and usually more serious than expected.

So, if you think you have a warrant, or a case, please use Maryland case search. but a WARNING: just because your case does not appear does not mean you do not have an arrest warrant. Prior to your initial arrest, arrest warrants do not show up on case search, nor do sealed matters. If you think you have a case coming, even if not on Maryland case search, contact an experienced attorney immediately. If you think you are one of those people, use are quick and easy online calendar to schedule a consultation today. (See above)

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