Represented by Kush Arora of PriceBenowitz and Mirriam Seddiq of the Seddiq Law Firm, Jason Delano was found not guilty today. Mr. Delano was charged with rape in the second degree and faced decades in prison.

A week-long bench trial exposed serious problems with the prosecution. The opening statement made by Seddiq said it all:

“Your honor, this case is about three things. One, a complainant with really no memory of what happened, even as the state puts it, a ‘snapshot memory.’ Number two, an investigation that is so flimsy and so shoddy, that it can’t give you any insight at all as to what happened that evening. And finally, science in the form of the DNA and the SANE forensic exam that doesn’t actually corroborate or substantiate the allegations in this case.”

Seddiq quoted in WJLA- “‘A battle of two experts.’ Bethesda rape suspect trial underway with DNA at the epicenter”

In closing argument on Friday, Kusha Arora stated that “this investigation is an embarrassment and this prosecution is an embarrassment.” Arora noted that the prosecution made many promises in their opening statement and failed to deliver on most of them.

Mr. Delano has maintained his innocence over the past three years and he was vindicated in court today with the not guilty verdict.

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