Arkansas drug crimes are pursued aggressively in Arkansas. Here are 5 reasons why you should hire an Arkansas Drug Crime Lawyer now:

A Felony on Your Record is Devastating.

Getting your first felony on your record is something to avoid at all costs. If you do not have a record you need to spend whatever resources in money and time to avoid having that happen. Having a felony on your record can impact you in several ways:

  • Voting Rights- If convicted of a felony, you must show that you have completed your sentence before you are able to vote again.
  • Firearms Possession- This is a big one for our Arkansas clients. If you are convicted of a felony you will no longer be able to possess a firearm. If you are caught with one after a felony conviction that can result in state or federal prison time.
  • Employment- A felony can severely limit your job prospects. Some studies have shown that over a lifetime a felony conviction can reduce your earning capacity dramatically.
  • Student Aid/Housing- Your ability to get student aid or housing can also be affected by Arkansas drug crimes.

The cost of an Arkansas Drug Crime Lawyer pales compared to the lifetime of money you will lose out on if convicted of a felony.

An Arkansas Drug Crime Lawyer Can Evaluate Misconduct of the Police.

We have seen the news. We know that the police cheat and break the rules. But, no matter how much news you see as a non-Arkansas Drug Crime Lawyer you don’t have the training to make the police pay for their conduct. Good criminal defense lawyers spend years fighting to suppress unlawful stops and searches. Look at this Uber Driver / Attorney:

Those cops straight up LIED on tape. And there are countless other videos on Youtube of police lying. Attorneys know what police officers are allowed to do when investigating a client. If the evidence gathering was improper, the lawyer can get the evidence thrown out of your case and this can often lead to dismissals or drastically reduced charges.

Our Arkansas Drug Crime Lawyer, Justin Eisele, has over 15 years of experience defending these types of cases. Law examine every aspect of the case to determine whether law enforcement acted within their limitations. Our attorneys have experience getting evidence suppressed and ultimately cases dismissed due to the illegal conduct of law enforcement. View our case results page to see some of the results we have received for our clients.

Provide You Legal and Emotional Support.

At the Seddiq Law Firm we pride ourselves on not only providing excellent legal services but also providing support to you as a human being. You can read reviews of our Arkansas Drug Crime Lawyer Justin Eisele and see what we mean by that. Our clients can tell you themselves:

I hired Justin to be my attorney when I got involved a messy case. Justin made me feel like he was going to be there for me every step of the way. He helped me stay out of jail and keep a clean record. Justin was on top of everything and would let me know when new information would come up. We didn’t know if things were going to go the way we wanted it to go, but he made sure that I was alright. I felt so nervous about the case and he assured me it is okay to be nervous, and resolved my case with the best possible outcome.

Client Review, November 3, 2018.

Our Arkansas Drug Crime Lawyer is There to Win.

At the end of the day you are an Arkansas Drug Crime Lawyer to win. The ultimate goal is to have the charges dismissed. We are not friends with prosecutors. We do not hang out with prosecutors. We do strive to maintain professional relationships with both prosecutors and judges but that is it.

The criminal justice system is out to get you and the only thing standing between them and you is us. Two decisions are always our client’s. First, our client decides to go to trial or not. And second, whether to testify at their trial. If our client wishes to avoid the stress of a trial we do everything we can to inform the prosecutor of why they should offer a lenient plea for our Arkansas Drug Crime client.

We Believe in Changing the Criminal Justice System.

Our Arkansas Drug Crime Lawyer, Justin Eisele, believes in changing the system. He is a former president of the Arkansas Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. He has spoken out on numerous occasions about the injustices of our system. You can follow him on Twitter here. He has even spoken out against how the way we select judges in Arkansas is corrupted.

Arkansas Drug Crime Lawyer


You must have an Arkansas Drug Crime Lawyer to fight your charges. We would love to talk to you about being your lawyer. We offer free consults and you can schedule it on your own right here on the website. Or, you can call 301.513.7832.

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