It is human nature to want to avoid things you don’t want to deal with. But, you should never avoid a bench warrant. If you have one, you definitely need a Maryland Bench Warrant Lawyer. Justin Eisele has handled dozens and dozens of bench warrant recalls successfully. We have three bits of advice for you below.

You are Not Alone: Many People Need a Maryland Bench Warrant Lawyer.

People miss court dates. It is really important to remember that you are not the only one who needs a Maryland Bench Warrant Lawyer. Warrants are so common that some counties in Maryland even offer Amnesty Days to allow people to turn themselves in on warrants.

Sometimes there are good reasons, sometimes there aren’t.  We live in busy times and tough financial times. We’ve had clients have a car break down, and that kept them from court. In other cases they just forget their court dates. Finally, some clients just don’t show up because they are scared to death of our criminal justice system.

Maryland Bench Warrant Lawyer

There are Tremendous Benefits to Hiring a Maryland Bench Warrant Lawyer.

There are many benefits to having a bench warrant quashed:

  • You can appear in court voluntarily and not have to sit in jail until your trial or hearing.
  • You can save hundreds of dollars in bail money.
  • You can avoid new charges. We have had clients get pulled over for a simple traffic ticket only to find out they have a failure to appear warrant out for their arrest. Once the client’s car is impounded we’ve had police find new drugs which lead to new charges.

Hiring a Maryland Bench Warrant Lawyer Gives You the Best Chance at Success.

If you have a bench warrant in Maryland for missing court you should contact a Maryland Bench Warrant Lawyer immediately. Failing to address an active warrant is one of the worst decisions you can make. It is easy to do. We all get scared. Don’t do it. Even if you do not hire us, please do not avoid the issues.

We have seen clients attempt to recall a warrant pro se (that means on their on), but the results are generally not good. So you can do it on your own but your chances of success are not as high. From our observations we think this is for a few reasons:

  • Maryland Bench Warrant Lawyers have years of training. They know what language is required for a chance at success.
  • Judges know that if you are an attorney you are “invested” in your case. Most people will not pay the money to hire a Maryland Bench Warrant Lawyer and then skip court again.
  • Maryland Bench Warrant Lawyers have relationships. These lawyers know who to call and who to ask and how to make a pitch about your case. This comes from knowing the law, knowing the people, and then how to package that all together to make a good case for you.

Free Consultation with a Maryland Bench Warrant Lawyer.

If you would like to hire us to attempt and get your warrant recalled then call us 24/7. Our answering service forwards potential client messages immediately. We will contact you with haste. Our office number is 301.513.7832. You can schedule your own consult immediately here. Some sample reviews of Justin Eisele are below:

Very friendly and professional lawyer. I highly recommended him. Mr. Justin has helped me a lot with my case and saved me from trouble. He always was on my side answering phone calls,texts messages and emails every time I need him. – Zin

Highly competent attorney. After an initial consultation with Justin, he immediately explained the pertinent details of the various traffic misdemeanors for which I had been charged, and reassured me that he had my back throughout the process. I hired him shortly thereafter. Justin answered my many texts and e-mails throughout the process quickly and succinctly. After meeting with him a week or so before the court date, he asked some great questions and we came up with a successful defense strategy poking holes in the evidence and requesting additional discovery not provided by the state. He was able to strike a plea deal shortly thereafter where all of the traffic misdemeanor charges were dropped in exchange for a guilty plea to a traffic violation that carries no driver license points and a small fine. Needless to say, I was thrilled with the outcome! I highly recommend Justin as a criminal defense attorney. -Anonymous

Friendly and easy to communicate with! Justin was great to work with. He was transparent and communicated every step of the way. I live in PA and he handled everything for me until the court date. He was professional and friendly, and always available for questions. When my court date approached he calmed my fears of the unknown, and was prepared for the court date. He got all of my charges dropped! Such a weight off my shoulders. I would highly recommend Justin! – Kathleen

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