Are you Muslim and believe you would feel more comfortable hiring a Muslim lawyer? That is certainly understandable. There are many important reasons to be comfortable with your lawyer.

Our attorneys at Seddiq Law, Mirriam Z. Seddiq and Justin Eisele, are both Muslim. However, it might surprise you that we don’t suggest hiring a lawyer just because they are Muslim.

Here are three things to look at when considering hiring a Muslim lawyer.

Competency and Experience First.

Our attorneys are well-experienced in personal injury, criminal law, appeals, family law, and immigration. However, we know nothing about patent law or agriculture law. If you had a patent law question you should not hire us just because you are Muslim and you want a Muslim lawyer.

You should run far away from attorneys who are Muslim and are trying to convince you to hire them only on their faith. We are proud to be Muslim but we also take pride in putting our competency first when representing anyone of any faith, Muslim or not.

Find a Muslim Lawyer You Are Comfortable With.

You should seek out competency first, but we understand that there are many advantages to hiring a Muslim lawyer for your case. Most Muslim lawyers will have additional understanding of cultural and religious sensitivities that non-Muslim lawyers will not have.

It is important for a client to feel comfortable with their lawyer. If the client is not comfortable they will have a hard time being honest and telling the attorney what they want. So, although competency should be first, we do recommend you hiring a Muslim attorney if you can find one that is competent in the field that you need and that you are comfortable with.

A Good Lawyer Fights for Every Client

At Seddiq Law Firm we pride ourselves on representing each client zealously no matter their background, race, or faith. Any good lawyer will have the same approach.

We are proud of our Muslim faith and we know that it can be comforting to clients in stressful cases to have that understanding with their lawyer. Our lawyers not only fight for Muslim rights for our clients, but we fight in the public for Muslim rights everywhere in the United States.

If you are looking for a Muslim attorney, we would love to speak to you about a consultation.

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