Maryland allows judges to modify your sentence. This is a great resource that encourages people to improve themselves and show the court that they deserve a second chance. The judge does not have to modify your sentence. However, if granted the modification could result in a lower prison sentence, drug treatment, or even a probation before judgment.There are deadlines that you MUST keep in mind. First, from the time of your original sentence is given you have 90 days to file your motion for modification. We have seen many strategies work, and equally as many fail when people rush to get what they want. It is human nature to rush in and try for a modification if you do not like your sentence. Without getting deep into it, there should be much thought and consideration into how you approach your hearing on a modification.Second deadline you MUST keep in mind: the court only retains the power to modify your sentence for 5 years from the time you were originally sentenced.Even if your attorney didn’t file for a motion for modification, you may be able to argue that your attorney was ineffective in his/her representation for not doing so. We have assisted clients in filing post-conviction proceedings so that they can utilize their right to request a modification of sentence.If you would like to retain us for your modification, give us a call at 301.513.7832.

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