Maryland Custody and Divorce Law

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Going through a divorce is very painful. Emotions run high for a good reason. Justin Eisele approaches divorce and custody work in a smart, compassionate, and aggressive way. Before getting a divorce, there are some basics you should be aware of:

What types of divorce are available in Maryland and what are the grounds?

Two types of divorce in Maryland:

  1. Limited Divorce. A limited divorce is not a complete divorce. However, it can allow for some matters to be resolved such as child custody and finances. Grounds for a limited divorce are:
    1. Separation
    2. Cruelty and excessively vicious conduct
    3. Desertion
  2. Absolute Divorce. An absolute divorce is as exactly as it sounds. It settles everything. Once an absolute divorce is issued, it is done. You may then remarry if you choose to do so. Grounds for an absolute divorce are:
    1. Mutual Consent
    2. Adultery
    3. Imprisonment for a Crime
    4. Insanity

Can I get a no-fault divorce?

Mutual consent is a grounds for absolute divorce. However, there are steps that must be taken prior to getting this type of “no-fault” divorce. This includes, but is not limited to, joining your soon-to-be ex-spouse in a settlement agreement.

Do I have to go to court to get a divorce?

At the end of the day, only a judge can dissolve your marriage. However, there are many alternatives to a combative divorce experience. If the parties are able to, meditation and collaborative divorce process are options that can lead to better relationships after the dust settles.

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